The HCA Hope Fund

Celebrating the Power of Hope

The HCA Hope Fund is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, providing more than $23 million in help to more 18,000 HCA families!

As HCA employees, it is our top priority to take care of our patients, but we also understand the importance of taking care of each other. In 2004, this was more evident than ever as hundreds of our colleagues - including many here in the HCA West Florida division - were affected by the Florida hurricanes. Immediately following the storms, HCA employees throughout the United States wanted to know how they could help. Contributions came in and were disbursed out to HCA families who had been impacted.

Today the HCA Hope Fund celebrates ten years of existence as a non-profit public charity run by and supported by HCA employees. The Hope Fund's goal is to be an effective and reliable way for HCA employees to help one another, providing hope and financial assistance for disasters, illnesses, injuries and other times of need.

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