Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is proud to announce the selection of their 2017 female and male Volunteer of the Year award recipients. The Volunteers of the Year are Carol Del Santo and Joe D’Amario.

Carol Del Santo

Carol has been volunteering for 29 years and has accumulated nearly 15,000 hours with our hospital and is a humble individual with a winning, positive personality. These strengths have made her endearing to her peers and to the Bayonet Point staff. Her pleasant attitude allows her to show genuine compassion and understanding of the needs of our patients. During her years at Bayonet Point, Carol has displayed the kind of dedication and devotion to her work as a courier dispatcher that prompts her courier team members to be proud to work under her leadership. Our hospital staff knows the assigned work is done with courtesy and professionalism when they call in for a volunteer courier.

Joe D’Amario

Joe is regarded as an outstanding example of what is expected of a truly dedicated volunteer with nine years and nearly 7,000 hours of service, Joe is the first greeter of patients, families, guests, volunteers, and staff as he shuttles them from the parking lots to the hospital building. He sets the pace for riders to begin a pleasant experience at Bayonet Point. His attention for the welfare and safety of all in the cart is praiseworthy. He has a reputation for a cheerful smile and pleasant manner, which is always there for every person he greets.

During the year Joe’s volunteer duties extend beyond his courtesy cart driving as he commits his time to substituting, is a director on the volunteer board, vice president of the Suncoast Health & Education Foundation (the 501(c)(3) arm of the Volunteer Association), works on special projects and recently volunteered to help with visiting veterans in the hospital.