Tampa Bay/Hudson, FL. - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point extends our congratulations to our TAVR team for completing a milestone 500th transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure. TAVR is an innovative procedure that has shifted aortic valve replacement from the operating room to a hybrid cardiac catheterization lab, dramatically reducing procedure time, recovery time, and improving outcomes for thousands of patients with heart valve disease. As technology and experience advances, recent studies have demonstrated excellent patient outcomes with the less invasive TAVR procedure.

In TAVR, the new valve is guided up to the patient’s heart via an artery as the physician directs the position with X-ray guidance. The new valve is placed into the diseased valve and opened like an umbrella, pushing aside the old valve and providing a new, clear pathway for blood flow through the valve.

After TAVR, patients typically recover in the hospital for one to two days. At Bayonet Point, the procedure is primarily performed without general anesthesia allowing for a faster recovery.

“February is American Heart Month and at The Valve Clinic, that means more than just Valentine’s Day. We are celebrating a milestone: The successful completion of 500 TAVR procedures since taking on our first patient on October 31, 2017,” said Keshav Ramireddy, MD., Valve Clinic Medical Director.

TAVR team in front of baloons shaped like the number 500

“I sincerely appreciate everyone who has made this milestone possible”, said Michael F. Trevisani, MD., Chief Medical Officer. “It takes an entire team of highly skilled clinicians working together to bring our patients excellent outcomes.  The TAVR team includes not only the skilled physicians but also the highly trained nurses, technicians and other caregivers in the Cardiac Cath Lab, Cardiac Procedure Recovery Unit (CPRU), Cardiac Surgical Unit (CSU), and Cardiovascular Operating Room (CVOR). We also want to note the important contributions of the valve clinic coordinators for keeping us efficient; the radiology and respiratory department caregivers for their attention to detail during pre-TAVR testing; the echo department for their assistance in ensuring proper function of the valves; and the numerous physicians who support the patient through consulting in their area of expertise.”

“This is another milestone for Bayonet Point as we continue to serve our growing community,” said Gina Temple, CEO. “I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the community, our patients, and their families for trusting our hospital’s caregivers and our heart valve team.”