Posing with donation check from Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point and its medical Staff, Left to right: George Giannakopoulos, MD; Gina Temple, CEO; Capt. Bill Davis; Sheriff Nocco; K9 Dep. Christopher Stone; and Col. Jeff Harrington.

Hudson, FL - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, a Level II Trauma Center, announces that it has joined the Bayonet Point medical staff in donating $13,000 each to the Pasco Sheriff's Office and Pasco County School's Stop the Bleed campaign.

According to Sheriff Chris Nocco, the recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, highlights the need for the broader population to understand how to provide aid in traumatic situations. "With the unfortunate rise in school violence in 2018 alone, there have been over 18 shootings in schools. These skills will become increasingly important for the well-being of our community."

Pasco County Sheriff's Office under Pasco Sheriff's Charities Program and the Pasco County Schools have joined to spearhead the Stop the Bleed campaign. This national initiative aims to train and empower civilians to act swiftly and effectively in trauma situations. Training is provided by voluntary medical personnel who are experts in the initial stages of trauma management and is tailored to teach quick, life-saving measures that can be applied by anybody in the event of an emergency. Each school is also provided with 15 trauma kits that are placed in strategic locations to be rapidly accessed in the case of an emergency. However, it is the belief of the Pasco County Sheriff's Department and Pasco County Schools that, to be effective, over 100 Pasco County Schools should be equipped with trauma kits. The initial cost is $250,000 to provide quality and long-lasting kits so the school can take full advantage of the free training.

The Bayonet Point medical staff, under the leadership of George Giannakopoulos, MD, Chief of Staff, decided to jumpstart the campaign with the $13,000 donation and Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point itself chose to match the donation with an additional $13,000.

"As with any type of trauma," says Dr. Giannakopoulos, "time is crucial. The faster we are able to act in situations like this the more lives can be saved."

"We are very proud of their initiative to donate funding to this important campaign," said Gina Temple, CEO, "For this reason we have chosen to match their generous contribution, she added.

Any amount would be appreciated. Get more information and donate. Make checks payable to Pasco Sheriff Charities.