Tampa Bay/Hudson, Florida - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point recently honored its physicians and new residents at the hospital's annual Nursing Gala. The event was designed to recognize the significant accomplishments of the hospital's physicians and nurses. Physicians were nominated for their dedication to providing high quality, compassionate patient care. Both physicians and new residents are nominated by the hospital's nursing staff.

This year's nominees for Physician of the Year were:

  • Dr. Kiran Chavda
  • Dr. Pornchai Kittivarakarn
  • Dr. Adam Lazarus
  • Dr. Nek Nazary
  • Dr. Jose Pasqual
  • Dr. Ashish Patel
  • Dr. Mukesh Patel
  • Dr. Keshav Ramireddy
  • Dr. Victor Randolph
  • Dr. Krishna Rav
  • Dr. Mrunal Shah
  • Dr. Koravangala Sundaresh
  • Dr. Wayne Taylor
  • Dr. Shaival Thakore
  • Dr. Lakshminarasim Venu
  • Dr. Michael Wahl
  • Dr. Robert Young

Nominees for New Resident of the Year were:

  • Dr. John Ameen
  • Dr. Noor Elsaqa
  • Dr. Rajiv Goyal
  • Dr. Andrei Hetman
  • Dr. Robert Kleyman
  • Dr. Alex Lake
  • Dr. Andrew Murray
  • Dr. Hamish Patel
  • Dr. Michael Quinn
  • Dr. Anthony Salibi
  • Dr. Melodie Sarebanha
  • Dr. Michael Stagg
  • Dr. Jung Yoon
  • Dr. William Zelenak

This year's winners were Dr. Keshav Ramireddy(bottom left) as Physician of the Year and Dr. Andrei Hetman(bottom right) as New Resident of the Year.

Doctor Ramireddy Kehav
Doctor Andrei Hetman