Jim Riley poses with hospital officials and members of his unit with the DAISY award banner.

Tampa Bay/Hudson, Florida - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is proud to announce that James Riley RN is the recipient of the February DAISY award. Mr. Riley is a nurse on the 2 Central Unit. He was recognized by several patients for the care given to them.

Mr. Riley’s nominations consistently emphasized the same quality. Both patients praised him for making a lasting impact and for taking time out of his busy day to just sit and listen and talk to them. Each one was especially surprised at his concern and compassion. One particular nomination even stressed, “I was upset. I have had two bouts with cancer and my mind wouldn’t rest. I told my nurse about my concerns. He took out a chair, sat down, and took my hand and let me voice my concerns…I cannot stress enough how important it meant to me that my nurse sat down. It told me that I was important and he was there to listen.”

What is the DAISY Award?

Members of the family of Patrick Barnes established the DAISY Foundation in 1999. He was 33 years old and died of complications of the autoimmune disease ITP. The Barnes family wanted to do something positive to honor the very special man that Patrick was, so they came up with DAISY – an acronym for Diseases Attaching the Immune System.

As the family brainstormed what the DAISY Foundation would do, they kept going back to the one positive thing they held onto during Patrick’s eight-week illness:

The extraordinary care he received from his nurses.

The family was impressed with the clinical care he was given, but really overwhelmed by the compassion and kindness of his nurses brought to his bedside day in and day out.

This made an impact. They wanted to say thank you to nurses for the extraordinary care they provide to patients and families every day, so the DAISY award for extraordinary nurses was created.

What started as a thank you from their family to nurses has grown into a meaningful recognition program embraced by healthcare organizations around the world. Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is very proud to partner with DAISY to honor extraordinary nurses.

The DAISY award winner receives:

  • Healer's touch sculpture. A hand-carved sculpture by artists in Zimbabwe and signed by one of the many Shona artists that the DAISY Foundation supports. The economy and politics of Zimbabwe have been in turmoil for decades and the artists are now able to support hundreds of people in their families with this work.
  • Cinnamon rolls for the team! Why cinnamon rolls? It was the only thing that Patrick ate - a whole cinnamon roll after he lost his appetite. The Foundation wants all nurses to share in his favorite treat as a gift of gratitude to all the members of the nursing team
    • Nursing is a team SPORT so the cinnamon rolls are to celebrate the team and give nurses the opportunity to stop for a few minutes and share something special together.
  • When a nurse receives the DAISY award, the humble response is, "I didn't do anything special. I was just doing my job." What the DAISY nurse may not realize, however, is that when nurses are "just doing their job," and "not doing anything special," you are making a positive difference in a patient's life as well as their family's lives.
  • The DAISY pin. When Patrick's stepmother noticed the great tradition that nurses have for pins, she created the DAISY award pin for the winner to have and wear proudly.