Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point has announced the recipients of its third quarter volunteer Star Awards. The awards were presented on Friday, October 27, at the volunteers’ annual meeting at the Rao Musunuru, MD Conference Center. Five Star honor volunteers included Eugene Hausladen, Debbie Hennessy, and Rose Santise. Amanda Stewart was recognized with the One Star award.

Eugene Hausladen is regarded as an outstanding example of what volunteering is all about. He accumulated over 5,000 actual hours and 6,000 merit hours since becoming a volunteer in December of 2014. His dedication to his work shows in the cheerful attitude and understanding way he presents himself to patients, visitors, staff and peers. “Gene volunteers five days a week and eight hours each of those days,” said Donna Owen, Director of Volunteer and Pastoral Care. “If he’s not working in the ER as a concierge he’s helping in lab either making up kits or filing pathology slides or working as a courier,” she added. During Hurricane Irma Mr. Hausladen stayed overnight during the “lock down” at the hospital assisting in the ER or performing whatever task was assigned to him with enthusiasm.

Debbie Hennessy began volunteering in February 2015 at Welcome Center A on Saturday mornings. She has accumulated over 2,000 actual life hours and more than 2,700 merit hours. In 2016 Debbie joined the volunteer office staff and has helped to keep that office organized and functioning. She has taken on additional duties including recording secretary of the Volunteer Association, chairperson of the by-laws committee, and scheduling chairperson of the courtesy cart drivers. “Her professional qualities, positive attitude and humor make her an excellent candidate to receive the Five Star Award,” said Donna Owen.

Rose Santise volunteers at Welcome Center A on the Sunday morning shift. She has been volunteering since 2010 and has put in over 2,300 life hours and 3,700 merit hours. “Her dedication and faithfulness to coming in every Sunday early is a testament to what her assignment means to her,” said Donna Owen. Rose makes sure that the desk is up and running when the doors are open at 8 am. Rose has a reputation for greeting guests and coworkers with a friendly and courteous demeanor. She also enjoys a reputation as someone who follows through with solving anything that she’s faced with. “And she does it with grace,” said Donna.

Amanda Stewart is a courier with over five years of service. She has accumulated 935 actual hours and 978 merit hours by running errands throughout the hospital, discharging and admitting patients “always with a smile and always pleasant and kind. Amanda reports to work early and never late, taking her responsibilities sincerely and professionally,” said Donna Owen. “She steps up whenever the telephone rings for another courier and is eager to serve. Her dependability, her disposition, and her demeanor is an example of what a volunteer is,” said Donna.

Attached photo: Volunteer Star Award winners pose at the Volunteer Association general meeting. Left to right: Amanda Stewart, Debbie Hennessy, Rose Santise, Eugene Hausladen