Pictured left to right: Sheli Ginther, Nancy McCann and Pat Edington

Tampa Bay/Hudson, Florida - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point has announced the recipients of its fourth quarter volunteer Star Awards. The Star Award Volunteers include Nancy McCann, Sheli Ginther, and Pat Edington.

Nancy Mccann

Nancy Mccann has served every Monday morning for the past 18 years in Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point's gift shop. She represents the volunteer organization and Bayonet Point well as a knowledgeable and professional retail sales person. She is also known for her smile and is a warm, welcoming sight for staff, visitors and fellow volunteers shopping. "Truly a customer service volunteer, Nancy takes her job seriously and is a total professional in everything she does and is always dependable and willing to help when needed," said Donna Owen, Director of Volunteer & Pastoral Care. "She has done a great job, never seeking the limelight," she added.

Shelli Ginther

Shelli Ginther has accumulated nearly 1,500 life hours and over 1,700 merit hours of service. She has volunteered at Bayonet Point as a Chaplain's Aide for three and a half years providing patients, visitors, staff and peers with spiritual nourishment as they go through a very trying time in their lives. She has a reputation for friendliness and as an approachable individual who willingly gives time and talent to others in need and is always able to help out at a moment's notice. "Her enthusiasm, positivity and sincerity are reflected in her behavior and desire to serve," said Donna Owen. "Shelli's tireless effort doing the work of the Lord without regard for rewards or acknowledgement qualified her to become a volunteer Frist Award winner for 2018," added Ms. Owen. Her actions have demonstrated a sincere concern for the welfare and happiness of others at Bayonet Point and in the community.

Pat Edington

Pat Edington has been calmly performing her duties professionally for over two decades in the hectic emergency department. She has given over 6,000 hours of service and has nearly 8,000 merit hours volunteering. Working in such a critically and emotionally charged area, Pat has a reputation for providing support to patients, families and staff. Her dedication and her service exemplify a person who is concerned for the comfort and welfare of others. Her interaction with visitors, patients, staff and peers sets the example of what Bayonet Point is all about - service and compassion. "Pat is also impeccable when it comes to appearance and her professionalism and grace make her a joy to be around," said Donna Owen.