Tampa Bay/Hudson, Florida – Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point has announced the recipients of its second quarter volunteer Star Awards. The Star Award Volunteers included Ken Gaul, Mary Keith and Grace Matella.

Ken Gaul has served as a courtesy car driver for the volunteers for almost seven years and has accumulated 2,200 life hours and 2,400 merit hours of service. He is regarded as highly reliable, never taking time away from his assigned schedule. Although his shift begins at 8 am, visitors and employees to the hospital can find him ready to go as early as 7:30 am whether the weather is sunny, cold or rainy. “Ken is a wonderful example of all of us working as a team providing the best service for our patients, family, staff, and volunteers,” said Donna Owen, Director Volunteer and Pastoral Care. “Courtesy car drivers are our first impression and based on his record of loyalty and dedication, he certainly deserves to be honored as a volunteer of our quarter,” she added.

Mary Keith has been a volunteer at Bayonet Point for more than 13 years with over 8,000 hours of service. She can be found on Tuesday afternoons as a courier and dispatcher. “This unsung volunteer has a reputation for someone who comes in consistently and does her job well without a lot of fanfare,” said Donna Owen. Mary spends her volunteer time dispatching other volunteers to run errands, transporting specimens, and discharging patients in a timely and professional manner.

Grace Matella has been volunteering at Bayonet Point for more than 18 years, accumulating over 6,000 hours of service at welcome station B and as a courier. In addition, she can also be found in the marketing department making those reminder calls for marketing Tuesday Tutorials. “Grace is a volunteer who consistently performs her duties with positivity and professionalism,” said Donna Owen. “Our award to her says, ‘Thank you, Grace, for devoting your time and talents to our patients, families and staff for all these years.’”