Tampa Bay/Hudson, FL - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is excited to announce the installation of a new digital X-ray imaging system for its Neuroscience Center to view extremely detailed, real-time images of a patient's head, neck and spine during stroke and other neuro endovascular procedures that require exact precision. This is the next generation of tools to address the unique challenges these procedures present. and is just another example of Bayonet Point's commitment to providing our patients with the latest in interventional imaging technology.

For people suffering from an ischemic stroke or brain aneurism, every second counts. The faster patients can get access to life-saving interventions, the greater the chances of survival and maximum recovery with minimal brain damage.

The Innova(tm) IGS 630 system from GE Healthcare will help physicians at Bayonet Point treat a variety of medical disorders including ischemic stroke, brain aneurism, or neuro vascular abnormality. Neuro endovascular procedures involve visualizing very small vessels within the brain while deploying tiny devices or coils. Image quality is critical while the length of these procedures makes dose an important consideration. The new system provides the high image quality necessary for visualizing small vessels and devices within the brain while helping keep dose as low as possible.

"It is critical for us to see the anatomy very clearly while guiding catheters, stents and other medical devices in the brain to areas needing treatment," said Carol Corder, Bayonet Point's Vice President of Neuroscience. "Because the IGS 630 produces high quality images our staff can perform delicate procedures like thrombectomies and aneurysm coiling with accuracy and confidence," she added.

"With the addition of our Neuroscience Center we will have 24/7 Emergency Advanced Stroke care. Every minute counts and the quicker we can detect and treat someone with a stroke, we can help save the brain" said Sharon Hayes, Bayonet Point CEO.

The new system provides advanced imaging capabilities with excellent precision, safety, and dose management to adapt to all neuro endovascular procedures. This cutting-edge technology helps our neuro interventional physicians diagnose and treat all patients, even the most challenging ones, safely and efficiently, with the best possible image quality. This addition enables our commitment to provide state of the art technology for better outcomes for our patients.