Rao Musunuru, MD and Sharon Hayes, Bayonet Point's CEO, (center) cut the ribbon to the Neuroscience Center. To Sharon Hayes' right, is Carol Corder, Vice President of Neurosciences

Hudson, Florida - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point recently held a ribbon cutting and open house for its Neuroscience Center. The Neuroscience Center features a new digital x-ray imaging system to view extremely detailed, real time, images of a patient's head, neck and spine during stroke and other neuro endovascular procedures that require exact precision. The neuroscience center will use the next generation of tools, such as the Innova(tm) IGS630 System from GE Healthcare. This tool helps physicians at Bayonet Point treat a variety of medical disorders including ischemic stroke, brain aneurysm, and other vascular abnormalities.

Attending the ribbon cutting were several public and hospital officials who spoke at the event. The welcome was delivered by Sharon Hayes, CEO, who stated that with the addition of the hospital's neuroscience center "we will have 24/7 emergency advanced stroke care. As we all know, every minute counts and the quicker we can detect and treat someone with a stroke, we can help save the brain," said Ms. Hayes. "This is a significant advancement for the community," she added.

Former State Senator, Mike Fasano (and Now Pasco County Tax Collector), also congratulated Bayonet Point. "I was honored to sponsor and support legislation 14 years ago directing that stroke centers be designated as Primary/Comprehensive stroke centers." State Senator Mike Fasano and then State Representative, Heather Fiorentino were instrumental in passing Senate Bill 1590, which is now referred to as The Florida Stroke Act. Rao Musunuru, MD, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, introduced the dignitaries. Dr. Musunuru has been recognized statewide and nationally as a major leader in healthcare over the last 30 years. In 2004, Dr. Musunuru was recognized by the American Heart Association for his leadership in passing the Florida Stroke Act, which created the nation's first statewide emergency stroke system.

County Commissioner Jack Mariano spoke about Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point's many large investments in the community and State Representative Amber Mariano touted HCA's West Florida investments in the Tampa Bay area - $170 million annually. Carol Corder, Vice President of Neuro Services, introduced the Neuroscience Center team and the ribbon cutting followed.