Tampa Bay/Hudson, FL - Regional Medical Center Bayonet recently honored its teen volunteers at its 18th annual Teen Volunteer
Appreciation Award luncheon on Saturday, August 8, at the Rao Musunuru, M.D., Conference Center. The luncheon was to recognize the
services of the many teens who volunteer to help at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point.

This summer more than 100 teens ages 14 to 18 volunteered during the hospital's summer program in a variety of hospital departments. During the ceremony the teens were recognized for the hours they served with pins, certificates, and letters commemorating their time in service to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point hospital's patients.

Many of the students use their hours to apply for scholarships. At the awards ceremony Donna Owen, Manager of Volunteer Services, along with Elliot Lorenzi, president of the Volunteer Association, recognized those who had achieved various plateaus in service to Regional Medical
Center Bayonet Point and its patients.

When a volunteer reaches 100 hours they receive a special pin to commemorate the event. This year the following teen volunteers
achieved pins for 100, 500, 1,000 and even 1,500 hours of service.

Those who received these pins are:

1,500 hours: Meghan Hurley

1,000 hours: Steffany Contreras

500 hours: William Jordan

100 hours:

Keishla Alvarez

Michaela Barney

Anna Boglino

Edi De la Cruz

Elena Diaconu

Janine Do

Chance Doucette

Kailah Edwards

Carol Foley

Alyssa Fustaino

Alexa Gernand

Joshua Greiner

Gianne Guevarra

Gwendolyn Gupton

Victoria Gupton

Sandra Hatte

Jade Hofbauer

Amanda Hunter

Amanda Jimeniz-Roman

Tierra Keeys

Nathan Lincavage

Shelby Londergan

Joann Lopes

William Marston

John Martin

Mark Maynes

Alicia McDowell

Jade Miles

Sierra Miles

Brittany Morrison

Sonia Panjabi

Vaibhavi Patel

Harley Peck

Jairiza Rivera-Irizarry

Racheal Schaefer

Alexa Swangler

Janelle Tanghal

Alison Vincent

Jessica Wendelstedt

Mackenzie White

Nicholas Yarmesch

ATTACHED PHOTO: Donna Owen, Manager of Volunteer Services, far left, and Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point's teen volunteers pose for a photo during this year's 18th Annual Teen Appreciation Awards luncheon.