Sue Mesi, left, poses with her letter as Elliot Lorenzi, Volunteer President, holds her certificate.

Tampa Bay/Hudson, FL - Regional Medical Center Bayonet is particularly proud to announce that, once again, one of its volunteers was recently a proud recipient of the "President's Call to Service Award Certificate." The award comes from the office of the President of the United States. It was instituted to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of volunteers and volunteering throughout the nation. The recipients receive the certificate, an order of congratulations from then-President Obama, and a beautiful pin commemorating the event. In order to receive the order, an individual must have volunteered for a minimum of 15 years and logged in over 7,500 hours of service.

Susan Mesi greets patients as they arrive for blood work and other tests in RMCBP's outpatient services department. She has a reputation for a pleasant personality and friendliness which sets patients at ease especially when she senses their fear of "the dreaded needle." Susan volunteers in the department that requires very early morning starts to better serve the patients and their needs. In addition, Susan is chairperson of volunteers in the outpatient lab and is often seen at her workstation covering the shifts of those who are absent making sure the greeting station is always staffed. "She is endeared by staff personnel and her fellow volunteers as the person they can depend on and is knowledgeable of outpatients' lab function and assist when needed," said Dona Owen, Volunteer Manager.

Susan started volunteering over 15 years ago and has over 26,000 hours of service. She received the Five Star Award in 2010 and serves as an example to volunteer peers with her positive attitude and excellent customer service.