Tampa Bay/Hudson, FL – Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point recently announced that Tiffany Murvin, RN Medical/Surgical Charge/Team Leader of the trauma stepdown unit has been named the February Employee of the Month.

Tiffany has been an employee at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point for more than two years. She began at RMCBP as a travel nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. After a month our team saw her potential. Tiffany is regarded for her skills, knowledge, and compassion by all around her. When the trauma stepdown unit opened, Tiffany was asked to work there temporarily. She did not hesitate to step up and work in the TSU as a full time nurse. With her openness to change she immediately gained the trust and confidence of the hospital’s trauma physicians and her colleagues.

Tiffany has a reputation for a keen ability to identify issues before they become significant situations. She addresses concerns directly and respectfully. She also demonstrates leadership, professionalism, and excellent organizational skills, which are key attributes that were considered when she was awarded the position. The team agreed that Tiffany would be an ideal nurse in that unit.

The hospital feels that they are blessed to have Tiffany on its team. If she is needed in the surgical intensive care unit she just willingly steps up to help the team and does it with a smile. She also offers to cover shifts in Dialysis to help with staffing needs.

Tiffany was one of the first nurses to volunteer for the hospital’s Ebola team. Feedback from her patients is always positive and Tiffany’s name is constantly mentioned to be an excellent, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate RN.

When switching from being a traveling nurse to a permanent nurse at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, Tiffany was heard saying, “Why go somewhere if you know you are already home.”

Attached photo: Tiffany Murvin poses with Chief Nursing Officer Tanya Simpson.