Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point is committed to providing the most exciting and innovative benefits to its employees. While there are many benefits provided by HCA, we offer facility specific benefits. We invite you to take advantage of the many benefits available to you as an employee and see why RMCBP is a great place to work! Below is a listing of the benefits currently offered by RMCBP:


Facility matches 100% of your contribution–from 3% to 9% of pay–based on your years of service.

Medical Insurance

(Full & Part-time Employees) – We offer employees a choice of a PPO plan or one of two (2) HMO plans.

Dental Insurance

We offer employees a choice of a dental PPO plan or one of two (2) dental HMO plans.


One vision care plan is offered to FT and PT staff.

Life Insurance

The facility pays the premiums for life insurance of up to one (1) times a employee’s annual salary for full time employees, and $15,000 of life insurance to part-time employees (Employee’s must enroll). Full time employees have an option of electing up to five (5) times their annual salary of additional supplemental life insurance. Dependent coverage is also available.

Long Term Disability

We offer employees an opportunity to enroll into Long Term Disability. Full-time and part-time employees may choose a level of either 50% or 60% of their salary.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employees have an option of electing to participate in the tax savings Medical Reimbursement Account or the Day Care Reimbursement Account.

Supplemental Benefits

Our supplemental benefit package is available to all full-time and part-time employees. This program allows employees an opportunity to enroll into: Pre-paid Legal Services, Short Term Disability, Universal Life Insurance, Long-Term Care.

Same Sex Domestic Partner Coverag

HCA as well as our facility, provides insurance benefits for employees in a same sex domestic partnership relationship.

Pay in Lieu of Benefits Program

Employees who can provide proof of medical insurance and are willing to waive off all benefit programs, including PTO, holiday pay, and EIB hours, can elect to participate in this plan. Based on your position, we will add $2.00 or $3.00 to your hourly wage. (Available to non-bargaining employees only)

Adoption Assistance

Employees are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $3,500 for expenses related to the adoption of a child or up to $4,500 for expenses related to the adoption of a “special needs” child.

Direct Deposit

Employees are encouraged to take advantage of direct deposit of payroll checks. Direct deposit is available at any financial institution.

Credit Union

Employees have the opportunity to utilize the services of HCA Federal Credit Union.

Annual Evaluations

Full time and part-time employees are evaluated annually with a common date evaluation in July

Holiday Pay

Non-exempt employees working a designated holiday and work four (4) or more hours into their shift will receive time and one-half (1-1/2) for that day. (Designated holidays and time frames differ between bargaining and non-bargaining staff).

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Full time and part time employees earn PTO each pay period based on years of service and the number of hours worked during the pay period.

PTO Cash In Program

Employees may cash in their PTO hours at 90% of their current pay at any time per facility policy.

Extended Illness Bank (EIB)

Full time employees earn EIB hours each pay period.

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program provides employees with confidential healthy living counseling, legal consultation and financial services. The facility pays for up to five (5) FREE visits per employee or family member per year.

Bereavement Pay

Full-time employees can take up to 24 hours of bereavement pay without charge to their PTO due to the death of an immediate family member. Part-time employees are eligible for up to 12 hours.

Jury Duty

Full-time employees fulfill Jury Duty obligations without charge to their PTO.

Leadership Training for Managers and Supervisors

Tuition Reimbursement

Full-time and part-time employees are eligible to receive up to a maximum of $5,250 per calendar year. Courses of study must be at an accredited college or university and must be job/business related within the healthcare industry. On-line courses are also reimbursed.


Onsite BLS, ACLS, EKG, ACT/PACT, Critical Care, Perioperative and Telemetry courses are available.

Continued Education Hours (CEU)

Employees have the opportunity to earn free CEU’s here on our own campus.

Financial Knowledge Classes

Financial education classes are provided on a quarterly basis. These classes teach employees how to manage their money, budgeting tips, how to invest, and how to plan for their future. The best part is they’re FREE.

Professional Week Celebrations

Lots of fun, games and prizes.

Quarterly Employee Service Award

Employees are awarded on a quarterly basis for their years of tenure at a quarterly award ceremony and receive a catalog to choose a gift of their choice. Awards are recognized in five-year increments of continuous service.

Quarterly “Employee Excellence” Awards

Each quarter three (3) employees are selected as exhibiting outstanding customer service, professional & technical skills, a team player and/or role model. In addition to recognition rewards, each recipient receives a $50 cash gift.

Annual Frist Humanitarian Award

Each year the facility recognizes one employee and one volunteer who exhibit an outstanding commitment to the facility and to the community. This is the highest honor RMCBP bestows on its finest resources, our employees and volunteers.

Holiday Gift

Each employee is provided a holiday gift during the holiday season.

Free Meals

Several complimentary meals are provided throughout the year for employees.

Meal Discount

Employees receive meal discount of 1/3 off regular price.

Free Coffee/Tea

Free coffee and tea in the cafeteria.

Free Parking

Free parking is available to all employees.

Gift Shop

Employees may use payroll deduction for purchases of $10.00 or more from the gift shop, including sale and clearance items.

Child Care Discounts

Employees receive a discount at our daycare center located here at our own facility, as well as other local day care centers.

Tickets at Work - Employee Discounts

Visit to view numerous discount programs available to HCA employees, including discounts to theme parks, dinner shows, ball games, etc.

Hewlett Packard

Employees receive a discount on computers and supplies.

Wireless Service Discounts

Discounts on cell phones and wireless communications programs are available.

Employee Survey

Each employee has the opportunity to voice their opinions with 100% confidentiality through our annual employee survey.

Employee Forums

Employees are invited to participate in the quarterly Employee Forums. Forums are designed to keep employees updated on new programs to the hospital and the hospital’s financial results of the previous quarter.

Flu Shots

Free flu shots are provided annually to employees based on the available supply.