The latest cutting-edge technologies provided at Arrhythmia Center of Florida give our patients every advantage available as they battle arrhythmias and other cardiac issues. From diagnostic imaging to effective treatment options, we have you covered.

Advanced 3D Mapping

Advanced 3D mapping is just one of the ways we keep you safe during procedures such as ablations. The accurate and detailed imaging we provide ensure correct catheter placement, which results in shorter procedure times and less exposure to radiation for the patient. Our advanced 3D mapping system and CT imaging provide the most accurate results possible when you need them most.

Advanced Imaging

Trustworthy imaging technology is an important tool in every stage of a patient’s journey with an arrhythmia. Our patients can rest assured that Arrhythmia Center of Florida has the advanced technology needed to diagnose an arrhythmia, locate a potentially dangerous blood clot, and help guide a catheter in the right direction.

Cardiac Cryoablation

While traditional ablation techniques typically use heat to destroy the heart tissue that may causing an arrhythmia, cryoablation instead uses a decrease in temperature to freeze the tissue and restore a normal heart rate.

Convergent Procedure

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point offers the Convergent procedure , which is designed to treat AFib patients thru combined skills of the Cardiac Surgeon performing a minimally invasive maze procedure and the Electrophysiologist performing the AFib ablation.

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To learn more about the cardiac conditions we treat and procedures we offer, watch our video for discussions with our physicians.