Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point ER

14000 Fivay Rd
Hudson, FL 34667

If you think you may be experiencing a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or 911.

ER Wait times are approximate and provided for information purposes only.

Most often you are able to plan out medical care to some extent. You can schedule appointments, find out about your condition or take any of the other necessary steps to prepare for medical care. This is not always possible in an emergency medical situation. What you can do, and what we suggest you do, is to decide upon which emergency room you will go to in the event of a sudden medical complication. Deciding in advance will save you time and help to reduce the stress that is brought on by emergency medical situations.

The Emergency Department at Regional Medical Center at Bayonet Point has the right tools, staff and central location to make us the best choice for emergency care in Hudson as well as the rest of West Central Florida. Consider these important factors when choosing us as your emergency room of choice.

The Right Tools

Our Emergency Room has been designed to provide fast and effective care to patients in emergency situations. We have also brought together the newest equipment in order to better serve our patients. Emergency situations often require fast accurate diagnoses to save lives. With our equipment we are able to provide these diagnoses and then follow up with the most fitting treatment for your condition. The many awards that our hospital has received are partly due to our investment in the best technology.

Most Prepared Emergency Staff

The care in the ED is provided by Emergency Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and on call medical practitioners and surgical specialists. This means that there is always a dedicated group of emergency medical technicians ready to provide expert medical care without a delay. Not every emergency room has staff specifically trained in emergency medicine. We have taken the extra step of ensuring that we do so that we can provide the best emergency medical care. These emergency doctors work hand in hand with our other medical experts and produce real and beneficial medical outcomes for our emergency patients.