Our Commitment to Wound Treatment

Bayonet Point Wound Care Center & Hyperbaric Medicine

Since 1994, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point's Wound Care Center has successfully treated thousands of patients with non-healing wounds. The medical professionals at our Wound Care Center are committed to helping people achieve optimal healing outcomes through ongoing assessment, comprehensive education, and both traditional and innovative therapies. Whether we end up diagnosing your wound as being an avulsion or a puncture, our compassionate staff will work through the entire wound care process with you. We keep you informed about your wound and how you can participate in the wound treatment process while you are not directly under our medical supervision. Call (727) 869-5551 be directed to our Wound Care Center.

About Wounds

Wounds vary in size, severity, cause and amount of time that they last. A wound becomes a chronic wound when it lasts more than a month. Chronic wounds can be painful as well as dangerous to your health. Anyone who has a chronic wound should seek medical assistance at our Wound Care Center. Depending upon the size, location and overall nature of the wound, different forms of therapy will be administered. Scheduling a wound assessment with one of our experts where the physician evaluates your condition is the first step in wound treatment. Some of the common types of wounds include:

  • Abrasion- A wound caused by scraping or dragging a body part against another surface, as in a motorcycle accident or a fall. Bleeding is generally limited in an abrasion but the victim is left with missing skin.
  • Laceration- A wound that is often deeper than an abrasion and has no pattern as flesh may have been cut deeply. Infection is a worry with lacerations because they are usually caused by an object that may not be sanitary.
  • Incision- A wound that is caused by a sharp object, usually one that has a blade. The wound may be deep and cut through tissue and ligaments. Bleeding can be very heavy with an incision.
  • Avulsion- A wound caused by an animal bite or accident involving cars or machinery. With an avulsion, the tissue is separated forcefully. Bleeding is often heavy and medical attention will be needed quickly.
  • Puncture- A wound that is caused by an object piercing tissue. Internal bleeding may occur because punctures sometimes go deep into tissue.

Non-healing wounds are not as uncommon as you may think. Each year, chronic wounds related to diabetes, vascular disease and other conditions keep 3 - 5 million Americans from leading a normal life.

Expert Wound Care Givers

Wound Care Team

Our Wound Care Center has a staff that is dedicated solely to helping patient's wounds heal. A portion of our wound care experts are tenured. This means that they have gained enough knowledge and experience in wound care that our facility has offered them long term contracts in order to retain the best staff. Our tenured staff works alongside a panel of physicians who devote their time to healing wounds and we utilize the services of specialty physicians who have outside knowledge of wounds. We also make sure that your primary care physician can be a part of your wound therapy if you prefer.

Innovative Wound Treatment

We offer needing wound patients Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. During this procedure patients breathe pure oxygen while they are in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber. This process aids in wound healing because pure oxygen in the blood works together with the pressurized chamber to deliver healthy, oxygen rich blood to the wound. Our Wound Care Center uses this and other proven treatments to ensure that our patients heal and can get back to their lives.

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